Vita Infused K-Cups by PKD Coffee – Dark Roast Flavor Keurig 2.0 Pods Single Serve 16 CT – Get Your Daily Vitamins With a Mug of Joe & Donut at Breakfast – KPods use Gourmet Beans & Taste Great


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  • Vitamin Infused Keurig Cups; our gourmet coffee pods are fortified with vitamins C, B1, B9, B12, magnesium & 5HTP so you don’t have to worry about taking your supplements again; maintain your health with less effort & worries, while drinking your java
  • 2-in-1; get your nutrients & your brew in single serve kpods & save money on those supplements. Why waste money trying to remember taking those awfully big pills when you can get a full dose of your vitamins with this specialty light roast blend
  • Premium Roasted Tasty Beans; we chose natural, fresh & sweet flavours (I have mine with a donut for breakfast); it has been lab tested to ensure the nutrients are still as effective after added to hot coffee & to ensure the taste isn’t affected
  • Eco Friendly & Healthy Conscious; we love the environment & we love our bodies, which is why our 2.0 k-cups are recyclable, gluten & allergen free, free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers & dyes. We are USDA certified organic & we are proud
  • Great Taste Money Back Guarantee; we love our kcups so much that we will pay you back if you don’t like how it tastes, period. How many k-cup coffee companies can say that? We aim to provide great single-serve coffees, benefits & service
We started PKD Coffee, because of our passion for coffee, optimal performance & living life to its fullest. The result? We combined something we loved, coffee, with the supplements  we were already taking to reach our peaked levels, which equipped us to go out and achieve whatever we set out to do in the world. That is the aim & we use our vitamin infused coffee to do this every single day
At the outset, we recognized that we sometimes forgot to take our supplements, but we realized that we would never forget to drink our coffee. So why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone & be certain that we took our cognitive enhancements everyday? Never again at breakfast would we forget to take our vitamins & what’s more, we made it for Keurig pods, which made it as convenient & effortless as possible. With kpods, it took all the thinking & effort out of it and we didn’t have to worry about taking supplements or making coffee again
From taking supplements for years, we knew from first-hand experience & it was easy to decide on which were best to fortify into the kcups. We decided on 5HTP, magnesium, vitamin C, B1, B6, B9 and B12. But one thing we needed to be certain of with doing this was to make sure that the coffee still tasted great. So, we lab-tested the infused coffee to ensure there were no side effects when it came to the taste or effectiveness of the nutrients. It turns out, the vitamins do not in any way affect the taste of the delicious beans, & the lab results came back showing that there was no decrease in effectiveness of the nutrients
We have a great palette for coffee and we didn’t want to sell something that we didn’t think tasted great ourselves. In the end, we are proud to say that we have high-end Arabica beans. We have a light & dark roast, both delicious & both that I drink myself. Our K pods are compatible with 2.0 systems like Keurig & Hamilton Beach
Now you can have your daily nutrients in a single cup of coffee

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